Technical support for low wind speed wind power

At present, there is no accurate definition of low wind speed in the industry, mainly the wind speed below 5.5m/s is called low wind speed. At CWP2018, all wind turbine exhibitors released the latest low wind speed/ultra low wind speed models for low wind speed areas accordingly. The main technical means are to increase the height of the tower and extend the fan blades in the low wind speed and high shear area, so as to achieve the purpose of adapting to the low wind speed area. The following are the models launched by some domestic manufacturers for low wind speed areas that the editor visited and counted at the CWP2018 conference.

Through the statistical analysis of the above table, we can see the following rules:

The long leaves

For the low wind speed areas in the southern Middle East, long blades can effectively improve the ability of wind turbines to capture wind energy, thereby increasing power generation.

2. Large unit

The southern region is mostly mountainous, hilly, and farmland, which has created the phenomenon that the effective land area that can be used is relatively small.

3. High tower

The high-tower fan is mainly launched for the low wind speed and high shear area in the plain, and the purpose of touching the higher wind speed by increasing the height of the tower

Post time: Mar-18-2022